Tuesday, 27 September 2016

new work

a place by the woods

'a place by the woods' - gouache on paper (24cm x 21cm)

exploring the woods and what you might find..... I had almost forgotten the pleasure of 'construction' - I've painted houses and buildings previously, but not for a while..... this is one of an ongoing series. There will be one other 'dwelling within a landscape' included in my shop update tomorrow

just enough wool

'just enough wool' - a smaller painting in gouache (12cm x 9cm)

woman by a window

'woman by a window' - another smaller painting in gouache (12cm x 9cm)

These are just a few of the varied selection I have ready to add to my shop tomorrow (2pm uk time) - I hope you may enjoy seeing each work.

Just a reminder, as I have been receiving several requests - I don't reserve work ahead of a shop update (I will reserve an artwork that is in my shop but not before it is added). This is to give anyone interested a chance to purchase. This seems the least unfair way of doing things and thanks for your understanding. I am always humbled by the response from people when several want a particular artwork. Never do I take your interest for granted and always do I want to you to feel happy with your choices. It's a pleasure to send my work near and far, and thank you always.

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Claire said...

I just saw your post on Facebook, and already everything has sold :( Wonderful for you, though :) I've now added you to my new blog list, so hopefully I won't miss the next update :) Hope you are well x