Sunday, 28 August 2016

recent sketchbooks

A look at recent sketchbook pages - you may see how I consider colour, shape, and just how to abstract a figure so that they are appear 'figuratively'.... If you like seeing inside my sketchbooks then please consider following me over at my tumblr page - which is the main space I use to record my sketchbooks virtually, keep an archive of photos, helping me to look back at a glance. I can often fill a small book quite quickly and then the book gets stored away. I do like to look back at the real thing, there's nothing quite like it for seeing the layers and colours in the flesh, but photographing sketchbooks and having somewhere to look at them helps me. Also photographing sketchbook pages can help me identify problems I might encounter with photos - for example photographing colours that are not always easy to get exactly right.

Photographing artwork is of course an artwork in itself and a topic I may write about again in the future.

So, yes if you would like to see more visit my tumblr here.


recent sketchbook

I also, from time to time, get postcards of sketchbook pages professionally printed - I include a postcard with purchases when sending out artwork. So you may have already received one of these postcards, or might get one in the future.

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