Thursday, 4 August 2016

pictures in a gallery - new work

An ongoing fascination for me is the experience of visiting art galleries: experiencing art 'in the flesh', discovering and revisiting favourite paintings, the process of viewing, people-watching in galleries, seeing pictures within pictures, making links between art from different times and places.... all these things feed into my work and will continue....

Here are a few paintings made recently. These are all acrylics on Fabriano paper. I work in expressive layers, finding, rediscovering and editing, improvising. I am working in a quite limited range of colours. It has been helpful for me to look back on old sketchbooks featuring abstracted figures in acrylics. These books date back over the past few years and continue to be a good resource for me. I am convinced that sketchbooks are my most valuable resource when considering new work. Although I do a great deal of looking, research and reading. Sketchbooks are what you make of them, of course. So I continue to invest time and consideration into pages, and experiment freely, and work at the pages, keeping ideas fresh as well as vigorous.

the curator

'the curator'

figures at a gallery

'figures in a gallery'


Karen Anne Glick said...

Dear Cathy,
Have been meaning to write since I was in Vienna in April and visited the wonderful artworks at Belvedere. Have you been there? One painting in particular stopped me in my tracks - it had the same moody palette and feel of your work. It was by Austrian Expressionist Richard Gerstl (1883-1908) and a site about his sad life and wonderful work can be found @

Are you familiar with his work? I always love when I happen upon work similar to mine - it's like finding a kindred spirit or long lost relative!

I quite prefer your small paintings, but was intrigued when I saw his work and hope you don't mind me sending you this!

Karen Anne

Cathy Cullis said...

Hello Karen

thank you for your comment! I have been to Vienna, many years ago, a superb city to visit. The expressionists, both German and Austrian, interest my greatly and I am glad you mention Gerstl to me. I don't know a great deal about his life or work, but will take another look. Thanks again for getting in touch, best wishes, Cathy