Thursday, 11 August 2016

new work - smaller paintings

figure in interior (muted pink)

'figure in interior (muted pink)' - acrylics on Fabriano paper

Showing you here just a few of the new smaller paintings I have been working on recently.... As you may know working on a smaller scale appeals to me greatly. The challenge to suggest detail and perhaps narrative, within a small space, is one I enjoy. I also tend toward a quiet palette, muted tones inspired by historical painting, rather than brasher primaries - though I'll always throw something different into the mix, now and then. Recently I have considered greys and white, and flesh tones. When working with acrylics particularly I keep my paint colour choices limited: simply never having too many different colours to hand. Tending not to work with pure black or bright white, at least at the start of a work, I enjoy instead Payne's grey and parchment.

Smaller works ask the viewer to step nearer. Yet I like to imagine my paintings on a wall may offer good company from a distance, an interesting glance into a world. Rather than being awed by great swathes of colour, a viewer is not held back but is hopefully intrigued to consider what is and is not being said....

a trio of portraits

a trio of portraits - smaller paintings - acrylics on Fabriano paper