Monday, 1 August 2016

mosaic Monday

mosaic Monday

1. TextureMania 9/14, 2. Grand Union Canal, 3. Reading the classics, 4. Lots of White Squares, 5. Lavender Impressions, 6. justin climbing, 7. pieced together remnants, 8. Hillary, 9. A destra c'è Kounellis, 10. rivière, 11. Tutto il bene del mondo, 12. just sitting there, 13. Lille, beaux-arts de Wazemmes, 14. Just got back from the awesome @clayscope opening at @virgilortiz new gallery near the plaza in downtown Santa Fe. Got to meet everyone and even snatched a few really cool mugs for my collection from @neilcelaniceramics & @hpbloomer ☕️  I finally go, 15. maternity 4, 16. rust marks, 17. Untitled, 18. The critic, 19. Stacks #stacked #chairs #found #stilllife #blackandwhite #japan..., 20. Delicate weaving 4, 21. Jeanne Barbereau rêve en couleurs, 22. ICAD 55 2016, 23. Day 5: Drawing with henna prismacolor pencil. #sketchbook #drawing #prismacolor ##Cyclades #aGreeksumner, 24. Untitled, 25. Meditative chopping #shelleysavor #chopping #kitchen #foodprep

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Hello and a happy 1st of August - it really doesn't feel like August here today, oh dear, it's a bit chilly and overcast - but then how does August feel like in England?? (answers on a postcard please). Thanks as always to my Flickr contacts for these delightful images, coming together to make a mosaic to inspire your week ahead...

I've started my week by painting - just started with some new work in acrylics. It's intriguing to use acrylics again after being so engrossed in my recent gouache works. Acrylics just felt like the paint to turn to for the ideas I have in mind - using brushstrokes, whites and greys. I'm still continuing on with gouache too. As you may know I sometimes mix the two - the possibilities are, as always, endless.....

Hope to share some new work with you in a few days time. My next shop update is in a few weeks time, on Wed 17th. A big thank you to everyone who purchased from my last week, I am very grateful to you.

Have a very good week ahead and more soon

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