Saturday, 2 July 2016

new work + Painters' Paintings

A look at just a few recent artworks

(updating my shop this coming Tuesday, 6th July)

figure at a table

a monoprint drawing with ink wash - 'figure at a table' so yes, continuing on with my series of summer drawings..... I have several new ones

bark skirt

and continuing on with my 'between trees' series of gouache works - this one is titled: 'bark skirt' - I also have at least one new triptych/book

I'm also working on new still life and figures within interiors... so busy yes. I enjoy working on a smaller-scale and the opportunity to consider different ideas....


Yesterday I visited the Painters' Paintings exhibition at the National Gallery, London. Another thought-provoking show (the National is also my favourite public gallery). This exhibition considers how painters may collect the work of other artists, some times quite obsessively, often with great admiration. The works of artists were hung alongside paintings that had been in their own collections so that the viewer could consider and make connections, understand a little more about an artist through the art they lived with. I would have liked to have seen at least one female painter/collector represented in this exhbition, but understand there are many factors to consider when putting a cohesive exhibition together (and I am not for tokenism). However, I don't think there was a single work by a female artist in the exhibition. Regardless, I enjoyed visiting this exhibition very much, especially as it gave the viewer an opportunity to see some smaller works (the National has many grand-scale paintings in its permanent collection). In particular I enjoyed seeing the paintings Lucian Freud collected, including a lovely smaller, playful work by Cezanne. There are some big names in this show. Worth a visit if you are in or visiting London, but be warned it's a popular show and it got so busy yesterday I felt giddy (not a crowd-lover). In the rooms with benches I enjoyed sitting and looking, watching others looking: always something intriguing about the process of people shuffling about and peering at paintings! I personally prefer to visit just one exhibition in a day and spend time taking it in, rather than cram-view. I'll be looking back at the videos and images on the gallery website (a video on Freud can be seen here).


Velma Bolyard said...

i really like the figure at a table. very fine!

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