Tuesday, 7 June 2016

new work

almost home - a portrait

'almost home' - gouache on Fabriano paper

So I am continuing on with this ever-ongoing series of figure portraits - and enjoying the process more and more, discovering how one idea may lead to another. Yes nostalgic and timeless, I make no apologies for making work that is how it is....

two portraits

two other portraits

Tomorrow, I'll be adding quite a few new works to my shop (it's been a two week gap and I have somehow made quite a few new artworks!) Included in this update will be the first selection in a series of 'summer drawings. These are monoprint drawings. Some are drawings on old book paper/pages. Other drawings are on light paper, all of them exploring figures - single figures or groups. My interest is in expressive mark-making, interesting lines and smudges. These drawings allow me to explore a more abstract side....

the process of drawing

here is a picture I took showing the process of drawing - I use oil or lino-printing ink, smeared on glass. I then draw into the ink using either end of a needle. It is a tricky approach, almost drawing 'blind'. A drawing session can be a hit or miss, as I attempt to make a drawing that interests me enough - not just capturing a certain mood but offering particular detail that can't be repeated.

There will also be new still life works in my shop tomorrow.

still life on green table

still life on green table - acrylics on linen

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