Wednesday, 22 June 2016

new work

I've just added the first selection from my 'between trees' series of gouache small works to my shop.... (Several have already sold, many thanks always). This series explores abstracted figures in woodland. Inspiration for this series comes from my own local woodland walks - I am fortunate to live less than ten minutes away from a large open space with wooded areas, open to the public. It can be very quiet and then suddenly I'll see people walking, people taking their dogs for a walk, runners and cyclists, children playing. I've also been inspired by looking again at some past artists such as Munch, Nolde and others; their interest in expressive colour and abstracting the figure is something I come back to and re-consider. Of course my own approach is quite idiosyncratic - in that I work on a small scale and so on.... I like to see a series of works as just that - they may work singly or grouped however which way....


tryst - gouache on Fabriano paper

you can see the new selection in my shop now - along with a further selection of monoprint drawings. Here below is a 'figure with chair'


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Beautiful dear, your an inspiration!