Tuesday, 21 June 2016

new work

'Between trees' is a series of gouache works, exploring abstracted figures within woodland landscapes.....

I have been making several small works - each measuring just 12cm x 9cm. As I work, so I consider how these small worlds relate to each other. Some are put into arrangements of three, a triptych, and become together a small folding book of pictures. Other works remain as their own thing, (though there is always the possibility of pairing or adding them to a group in various ways).

one from 'between the trees' series

colour, light and shapes - these are my concern. Though I am also interested in any narratives that come about...

between trees (book I)

'between trees - book I'

are we lost?

'are we lost?'

There are new monoprint drawings also - and these will be included in my shop update tomorrow. Here's 'still life with chive flowers'

still life with chive flowers

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