Saturday, 4 June 2016

new work

My focus this week has been working on still lifes - but I have also been drawing and painting a figure or two. Today I'll share with you just a few of the newest works I have - and there will be more to see next week.

I have been considering light in still life - as I always do. Several people have made comments (elsewhere) suggesting I may be a fan of Morandi, or my work reminds them in ways of Morandi. I am flattered that anyone might make a connection and yes I am an admirer of Morandi's still life paintings. Somethiing to consider is the light he painted - the light he painted within and the light he put into his work. He was painting in Italy, of course, with that warm Mediterranean light so attractive to everything and on everything. I am not working in that same warm glow. English or Northern European light is fleeting or perhaps unflatteringly vague. But there are ways to see things: in shadows, by windows, and by considering how colour can work with light and shade. In my fleeting light, I attempt to make simple forms have a life of their own. It is perhaps more subtle, shapes can be flatter or bolder. When I work I am looking at objects and revising things as I go along, in a way that is less conventional than simply working from life. When I think of things like cups and bowls, I am considering their life beyond the picture I paint them in.

still life on green table

still life on green table

still lifes

a group of smaller still lifes

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