Monday, 20 June 2016

mosaic Mondays

mosaic Monday

1. received_617874711722634, 2. ·, 3. Having some work framed, 4. out of the woods, sea cliff, 5. Untitled, 6. june182016, 7. parkland, 8. Spider plant, 9. #Wip #embroidery #embroideryart #contemporaryembroidery #bordado #broderie, 10. #vase #peony, 11. still life with doku-dami, 12., 13. ICAD 14 2016, 14. 1887, 15. Hoxton, 16. Untitled, 17. after constable, 18. Untitled, 19. Suspended in Beauty, 20. in the wood 2

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Hello another Monday - and a new mosaic for you to explore. I'm a bit later than usual today - I've been busy sending out packages (thank you very much) and painting. I got so involved in my new paintings I lost track of time - that's the best thing, always.... Many thanks to the artists and photographers featured in the above and of course follow links to discover more.

So yes I have been busy working on a new series of smaller gouache paintings - some of which are being collected together into small books - but I'll write  more about all of it tomorrow.

This week I'll be updating my shop on Wednesday at the usual time of 2pm. There'll be a new selection of work and as always I am happy to reserve artworks for up to two weeks. As we go further into the summer I'll not be updating every Wednesday. Over the summer weeks I'll be working quietly on a range of projects, making new work for the autunn, making some visits to galleries, spending time with family. So I predict I'll be updating my shop twice in July and once in August. This may change but seems to be the plan for now. Dates and times will be shared here as we go along....

We are mid-way through the year and summer is just about making an appearance - it's been a rainy, sunny start to the week here.

Looking forward to sharing more tomorrow.

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