Wednesday, 15 June 2016

monoprint drawing

a small folding book - heads - monoprint drawings

I have just updated my shop this afternoon.... It seems each week/Wednesday comes around quickly. Thanks always for taking a look at the newest selection.

Of course monoprint drawing is something I have been doing for many years. It's interesting to see my own work pop up when I google 'monoprint' - interesting, humbling and also just odd. (But then thinking of my work outside of my own reach is something I have got used to over time, or am getting used to). I enjoy drawing with either end of a needle and it's the spontaneous, chancing, improvisation that I enjoy. There is frustration but there can also be almost immediate gratification. Improvisation is a big thing for me and is an element in nearly all my work, though it may be more obvious in some pieces than in others. It's something I use in my writing too.... as you may see if you read my writing and/or or see my future stitched works.

Below you may see: 'the uses of mystery'

Finding just the right phrase, snippet of text, is something I have been doing for so many years - my relationship with old books and found text is one that of course links back to my writing. You may not know that my academic roots are English Lit and creative writing. Art is something that has happened to me over years, discovering so much and becoming yet more confident, and yet always questioning... I have always enjoyed playfulness with words and try to remember this when working visually.....

the uses of mystery

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