Monday, 16 May 2016

mosaic Monday

mosaic Monday

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Hello and a sunny Monday to you - it is a rather beautiful May day here and I hope you are also enjoying a fine start to the week. Thanks as always to my Flickr contacts featured in the mosaic. Do follow links etc....

This weekend I spent some time painting and working on new works on paper. Tomorrow I'll share with you some of this new work including a look at a new series of 'folk figures'. I've been painting today and tomorrow I expect to be revving up the sewing machine. Most of the time I plan my week out quite carefully, juggling work and family life as I do. However, if inspiration comes along in something I will shift my plans. I do like to keep myself on my toes, always challenging myself to make the very best I can.

So this morning I decided to wind up our vintage mantle clock and it's just chimed the quarter hour - and I just about jumped out of my skin, again. But I do like to hear the ticking and chiming. It's not something we have going all the time though, I let the clock wind down and forget about it for a while. Such is the pattern of things.... I like to think that hearing an old clock links me to the timeless past....

Have a good Monday and more tomorrow.... Updating my shop this week on Wednesday (2pm uk time).

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