Tuesday, 26 April 2016

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and other stories

'and other stories' - a portrait in stitches - embroidery brooch

smaller portrait with rust and blue

smaller portrait brooch with rust and blue

Just recently I have been looking back over the many, many stitches I have made..... and considered how my style of embroidery has evolved, altered, reshaped and transformed over time.... Looking back has reminded me just how much I have been inspired by the drawings of Madge Gill, how her influence comes into my work, over time. I particularly enjoy stitching smaller and very detailed portraits, especially compositions that involve many tiny faces. The challenge to create a complete 'picture' within a small-scale work such as a brooch is particularly attractive to me and for now I am still very inspired....

There will be a selection of brooches, especially smaller portraits, in my shop tomorrow....


'pastoral' - gouache on Fabriano paper

Alongside my embroidery stitching I have been working on new gouache paintings-sketches... I continue to explore colour, attracted to quite bold (for me) colours and combinations.

This is just a small preview of the works to be added to my shop tomorrow. I'll be updating at 2pm (uk time). Please note: there will be no update next week - so my next after tomorrow will be May 11th,

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Sue Marrazzo said...

I love your work!!