Tuesday, 19 April 2016

new work

woman and child (grey & green)

a look at new work - (ahead of tomorrow's shop update) - above you may see 'woman with child (green and grey dress) - this is a larger embroidery brooch. Beginning with the central figure, I worked carefully to create an entire scene. I stop a great deal to take look, take the work away from the needle, consider I am getting the effect I wish to create. It's of course a time-consuming process. Someone once explained my work as a continuous drawing, but there is a lot of stop-start. My aim is to create a sense of continuity, so I am pleased if I can do so. I'm interested in historical painting and my embroidery works reflect this interest. Yet I am also creating my own world with historical periods and faces coming together in interesting ways. Yes I do look at historical costume and its detailing, but I am more concerned with how I can create my own visual language. I like to create a certain mood in each small piece/brooch - but I want there to be some ambiguity.

a gentle song - portrait brooch


Several new artworks on paper will be in my shop tomorrow ---

woodland scene

woodland scene - this is a collage inspired by my sketchbooks. I have combined a monoprint drawing with paint on paper.

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