Tuesday, 12 April 2016

new work

A look at just a few of the new works I'll be adding to my shop tomorrow..... Above you may see 'regal lady with pinks and gold'. This is a larger brooch measuring approx. 8cm tall. Looking at my brooches you may have no doubt that I am interested in historical painting and costume - especially Tudor, Elizabethan, through to early nineteenth. My aim is not to make exact representations but to be inspired and blend details according to my own design.... I'm happiest when choosing colours to work together and adding details, especially tiny faces. These brooches are designed to be worn but are equally worth enjoying as a small artwork displayed as you may: perhaps  on a shelf or pinned to a favourite dress hanging on a wall. One of these days I'll write a blog post dedicated to displaying brooches - so if you have any photos of my brooches on display please get in touch.

fleeting gold

fleeting gold - acrylics and gouache on Fabriano paper..... continuing with my exploration of yellows and golds. This work of abstracted figures makes use of expressive marks and contrasting shades.... there is, I hope, a sense of a moment, a glance, a chance composition of shapes.....

woman in pink with green

woman in pink with green - acrylics and gouache on Fabriano paper.... continuing on with my spring sketches series, here's a postcard sized work. For me all painting now is about painting - so of course my work reflects this with a focus on abstraction and light. I'm interested too in how colour can play such a dynamic role. Even in these smaller works.

There will be a selection of new embroidery, paintings and text-stitch works in my shop tomorrow at 2pm UK time. Thanks always.

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Jess said...

Lovely colours in you paintings and I always love your little embroidery works. I think they'd look nice displayed in a frame, too good to wear as a brooch! ;) x