Monday, 11 April 2016

mosaic Monday

mosaic Monday

1. 26 Mars 2016, 2. # 101 (10-04-2016), 3. ·, 4. ·, 5. DSC_0001 (3), 6. doing fine, 7. Jim Harris: Untitled., 8. Untitled, 9. If I Had A Mountain I'd Bury Secrets In It, 10. upload, 11. Untitled, 12. Untitled, 13. Untitled, 14. #drawing #picasso #muséepicasso #museum #paris..., 15. #wip #embroidery #embroideryart #bordado #broderie, 16. The shadows know #shelleysavor #studio #eveningshadows, 17. 1865, 18. 0160409233004, 19. . fragments ., 20. Essex Rd

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Hello, another rainy April day..... many thanks to the artists and photographers featured in this week's mosaic. It really is a pleasure to look and compile mosaics each week. I don't feel a Monday is quite the same without one. There was a time when I took a break from mosaics (you may remember, and if you go back a few years with me, thank you!) So until further notice there will be a mosaic here each week.

I've started my week with several hours of intense stitch work, making the completing stitches and crossed t's on a new stitch-text piece. If you would like to see it you may do so by visiting my writing blog here.

There will be a shop update this week on Wednesday at the usual time of 2pm. Expect to see a mix of paintings and embroidery/stitch. So tomorrow, if time allows, I'll preview some of my newest works and write a little more about them. This weekend I'll try to make time to share a post about my sketchbooks, as I haven't posted about them here for a few weeks.

Have a good start to your week and more soon

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