Thursday, 24 March 2016

new work

edwardian cup

'Edwardian cup' - a still life - acrylics and gouache  on linen

Showing here just a few of the new works that I've been working on this week...... I have been very busy indeed, especially with painting. This week has been about exploring more detailed still life arrangements, working from objects in my collections, considering tones and colours.... It's been an intense process and I will be continuing over the weeks ahead. 

Next week I'll be offering a selection of new paintings, drawings and embroidery in my shop. I'll be updating on Wednesday.

I hope you have a lovely Easter weekend. (Look out for a writing post over at Nevering.)

30's coffee cup

'30's coffee cup' - still life - acrylics and gouache  on linen

cafe scene

a monoprint drawing (postcard size) - 'cafe scene'

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