Wednesday, 16 March 2016

new work & notes on taking photos

'golden hour' - a new embroidery brooch

Hello, I've just updated my shop and so am sharing a few pictures and notes here. Above is one of a small selection of new stitch works. In the weeks ahead you may see a further selection of embroidery pieces - and more text-stitch works too. (To see my latest text-stitch work and read - please see my writing blog nevering )

a smaller still life painting: still life with dotty cup - another one in a series of works using acrylics and gouache on linen

a larger bowl in this ongoing series - this one is 'multi tone bowl with purple stripe'  -- I am forever exploring the bowl form, a meditative process..... I find much to discover and learn from each work, considering them portraits, capturing a moment in time, a certain light and balance......

However I have to comment here about just how difficult it has been to photograph the recent bowls with off-white or very pale backdrops. My camera, being a modern thing with a good sensor, picks up the texture of the linen and then strange things happen - a patterning called moire. If you photograph textiles or clothing, or indeed paintings, you might know about this. I've had to learn how to overcome the problem and I think I am winning. I aim always to take photographs that represent colours and tones just as accurately as possible, bearing in mind how screens and screen set-up can differ. Often I will ask someone else in the household to look at how things are on their screen, I'll check my phone, back to my computer and so on..... It's a time-consuming process but I do want to get the photos as 'true to it' as I can. In decades to come I see this problem being resolved by you being able to virtually visit me in my studio (and enjoy a virtual cup of tea) but until then, I am forever learning......

I enjoy taking photographs, of all my work, very much and see it as an integral part of my work. Now we are moving toward spring I am going to challenge myself to take ever more interesting photographs, go for a few walks and get inspiration. I've always found my embroidery pieces are fun to photograph and it makes me smile when my camera detects a face that is actually a stitched person........

thanks always for reading here and taking a look at my newest works - and finally just a note to let you know I will not be updating my shop next week. The next update will be Wednesday 30th.

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Sonia / Cozy Memories said...

Oh your bowls .... are so so gorgeous !
I too struggle when I need to take photos of naturally dyed items ! It NEVER looks the way it is, it really is annoying ! What trick have you found to overcome this problem ? I'd love to know ! (if you're willing to share of course)