Monday, 14 March 2016

mosaic Monday

My creation

1. Jesus Police, 2. If I was God | Als ik God was, 3. 1856, 4. simplicity series (I), 5. Untitled, 6. Untitled, 7. Rye, 8. green moss, 9. More from T├ętouan, 10. Inspired by Chef's Table about Francis Mallmann., 11. New paintings, 12. a rush of rain, 13. 1860, 14. Ee is for erasure rabbit #3, 15. Flim, 16. Digital, 17. Print on the card, part of the   Memory of a Place | Garden, 18. Untitled, 19. still life with flowers, oil pastel on colored card board, 20. faces

Created with fd's Flickr Toys

Hello, a happy Monday to you - a chilly, sunny start here.... thanks always to my Flickr contacts and I hope you enjoy exploring this mosaic...

I'm posting a little later than usual today as I have been painting for most of the day. Looking forward to sharing with you a further selection of new paintings and drawings (and possibly embroidery!) this week. I'll be updating my shop at the usual time of 2pm (uk) on Wednesday.

If time allows I'll post a preview of new work and say a little more tomorrow.... have a good start to your week.

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