Tuesday, 8 March 2016

eclectic mix - new work

still life with blue cup

an eclectic mix of new work is coming to my shop tomorrow - including the still life paintings here

above is 'still life with blue cup' - and below is 'still life with striped bowl' (yes stripes are finding their way into my work, one way or another, as ever....) These are both acrylics and gouache on linen.

still life with striped bowl

new lives - a book of collages

above you may see pages from an artist book: 'new lives' - I've put together a book of collages, mixing media... I like to offer artist books, from time to time. This one will be offered at a special price too. Several hours of making marks, drawing and puzzling has gone into this one. There are many layers and textures to each page.

Below is a monoprint drawing - one of a series exploring figures within interiors - a subject I return to quite often. All small in scale, these drawings offer detail and intimacy, and I am pleased with how the drawing has evolved recently.

So yes, quite a selection to see tomorrow - here I've shared just a few special ones, but there will be more to see.


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