Tuesday, 9 February 2016

new work - embroidery

a scarlet garden

reverse side - a scarlet garden

Above you may see 'a scarlet garden' - a miniature portrait using red thread on hand dyed linen. I am particularly pleased with this smaller work and enjoy the 'simplicity' of just red/scarlet, with a strong graphic and folk art feel..... The piece is quite small at 8cm x 7cm and is designed to be framed. I did not put a backing on this small work as I rather like the reverse story. Hope you do too.

Yesterday I mentioned working on a larger piece. I've decided it was not working out after all. As I always only wish to offer my best work, I have put it to one side. The smaller embroidery works are my focus right now and I am happy with that.

Below you may see 'woman with doll figure' - this is an intricate, larger brooch. The green motif on her dress was inspired by snowdrop leaves..... I felt the figure was more doll than child, but as always I am happy for you to make your own interpretations.

These pieces - and several others - will be in my shop update tomorrow (2pm uk time).

woman with doll figure


Crafty Green Poet said...

beautiful embroidery, I love the red on beige.

Penny said...


Abigail said...

Wonderful -- I love the way the vines cascade about the women!