Monday, 11 January 2016

mosaic Monday

mosaic Monday

1. The funny little thing! #sketch #sketchbook #cutecreatures, 2. Sunday with M, 3. Jules, 4. Amaryllis, 5. 20160105_122953_001-1, 6. Me on brother's pony '51:  Her name was Blaze and my brother decided he didn't like to ride, so I took over.  She was a fine little pinto but I was growing too large for her, so within the year we sold her., 7. This Will Never End, 8. Salt The Wound, 9. Jan 9/16 #stitch #texture #light #grenedierpond #highpark #toronto #ontario, 10. Untitled, 11. 05-01-2016, 12. Feel flowers, 13. out of sight, 14. #cute #doodle #drawingoftheday #cat #cutecat, 15. Untitled, 16. not at the butcher's (pheasant), 17. "Il faut être léger comme l'oiseau et non comme la plume" Paul Valéry . Série noir, 18. Dolly quilts, 19. little book pages, 20. Untitled

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Hello and thanks always to the artists and photographers featured in this week's mosaic. As always I encourage you to look further, follow links - and look about for inspiration in all that you see. Today has started sadly with news of David Bowie passing away. Bowie's individuality and ability to reinvent has always given me great inspiration. Indeed David Bowie is one of a long line of diverse English genius artists: from Keats, Blake to... Bowie.... May we all continue to enjoy his works. I was asking myself this morning: what can I learn the most from Bowie and I think the answer is transformation. Something to consider for a long while to come.....

What to do on a morning like this one: I decided to get on with painting and feeling my way around the edges of new paintings, where to go with all the colours and shapes I want to explore? Continuing on with experimenting with shape, texture, line..... Drawing is something I will be exploring a lot in the months ahead and I can already see how this can help me in my painting work.... I'll share some of my new work tomorrow.

For the months ahead: I'm continuing on with updating my shop most Wednesdays. As the updates are weekly they may of course be quite modest (or not so) - all depends on me, of course. There may be weeks when there will be a focus on one medium. Thanks always for your support and for reading here.

Looking forward to sharing new work here tomorrow.

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