Wednesday, 13 January 2016

monoprint drawings

I've just updated my shop with a new selection of paintings and monoprint drawings.

As promised, I'm writing a little more about my monoprint drawings. It was a lovely thing to receive a comment over at Instagram from a person who stated they found my work 'many years ago' via my monoprint drawings - and indeed it is true I have been exploring these for some time.

There are various and different, all right and varied techniques one can explore when making a one-of-a-kind print. A monoprint is what it says: a single, one of a kind printed image. My own drawings are created by putting ink or paint on a piece of glass and drawing into it using a needle. This means that my drawing is almost blind, feeling my way to some extent. I like to use a needle to get the feel of a sharp line that can also be blurred, depending on the consistency and wetness of the ink/paint. I might use the sharp point or the eye of the needle. When I work I often spread the ink or paint using my fingers to create deliberate finger smudges and textures. I like to have incidental marks. Often I will draw the same idea over and over until I get the result I want. Many sheets of paper later I may just have what I want, but not always. So, however 'simple' my monoprint drawings may appear to be there is certainly a lot of trail and error. There will be drawing sessions when I just don't get the right feel, or a mark appears in the wrong place in an otherwise satisfying drawing - that's just the way it goes some times.

sorting through drawings

 I spent some time this morning sorting through a folder filled with recent monoprint drawings and selected just six to add to my shop today. In future I may put together an artist book/zine or two featuring drawings in addition to offering single drawings. So look out for new ideas evolving.

You may note there's no new stitch work in my shop this week - I hope to have some special new pieces in the coming weeks....

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