Tuesday, 19 January 2016

drawing with thread

portrait brooch

a new embroidery brooch

I am making a start on new portrait embroidery pieces - these are created using my sewing machine as a drawing tool. I've worked this way for many years now and return again to familiar themes of women's lives, mother and child, the seasons..... Influence comes from folk art of the recent and more distant past: medieval through to twentieth century. What I aim toward is a naive feel, whilst offering an intricate design. Working in this way has taken me years to develop.

So I am beginning on the design of a new 'spring collection' - and rather than adding it to my shop all in one go - I am adding a little, a few or more pieces on a regular basis. There will be the first embroidery brooches in my shop tomorrow, along with a small selection of other works.

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Jess said...

I love your embroidery pictures. Even if they were drawn with a pen I'd love them but the fact you machine stitch these lines is amazing. xx