Tuesday, 8 December 2015

new work

a group of new figure works

a group of figure works on linen

A new series of figures - these are small-scale and on linen. Please look at the above as examples of this new series - they may not all be in my shop update tomorrow, but some will and there may be others not in this group. I've yet to complete a few - and so am making final choices tomorrow morning.

After a taking a bit of a break from considering the figure it has been a pleasure to explore again. I'm interested in fleeting moments, colour, abstraction. Working on a small scale, I like to think of these as snapshots, perhaps blurred as the figures walk or turn.... Inspiration comes from looking at finer, grander paintings and translating them into my own world. I look to the painters of the past without wishing to recreate their past.

I hope you may enjoy seeing the final selection tomorrow. And there will be more in the new year.

still life with asymmetric old jar

still life with asymmetric old jar

Continuing on with my still life explorations..... I recently purchased a very old ginger jar - from a guy who digs old dumps for bottles, pots etc... I liked the asymmetric shape of the jar and its imperfections. It would have been thrown away as not good enough. And there's something humble and interesting about it. 

pale winter vessels

pale winter vessels

Quiet winter tones, interesting, gentle, meandering lines. Little hints of warmer earth colours.

These are just some of the works that will be in my shop update tomorrow - the last update for this year! Many thanks always.

So, looking forward to tomorrow - oh and I'm just about to write a post over at nevering. I'll be sharing a new text/stitch work over there today. There will be three text/stitch works in my shop tomorrow.

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