Tuesday, 1 December 2015

new work - small cups series

Yes cups - I think of all the vessels I enjoy collecting (both vintage and studio) it is the cup that makes me smile the most. There's a certain feeling of peaceful home. If perhaps my bowl paintings are meditations my cup paintings are moments of pleasure (a good brew).

Small in scale, these tiny paintings measure just 12cm x 9cm and are mixed media* on linen. Each cup has its own individual feel and shape. This is an ongoing series. Tomorrow you will be able to have a better look at each - I'll be adding about six cup paintings to my shop.

here's a quick snap of four cups together.... (they will be offered individually).

Also for this week I have a rather different still life: I've had this idea nudging about in my sketchbooks for a while.

'winter trees - a still life'

this work measures 23cm x 20cm - so larger (for me). It is again mixed media* on linen.

winter trees - a still life

 *mixed media: I use mostly acrylics and gouache, perhaps with a little pencil, or watercolour. The combinations vary from work to work. There's also the gesso foundation/priming to each work. I find it easier to describe my work as mixed media, but just wished to clarify for anyone who is new to my work or was unsure.

Thanks always - so shop update is tomorrow at 2pm. As we are now in December (and holidays are on the horizon) I am not reserving any artworks - this is to allow anyone interested to purchase immediately and receive promptly. (I'll be reserving again from January). Thanks for your understanding.

Meanwhile, I have shared some new text/stitch works over at my blog nevering today.


Sue Marrazzo said...

LOVELY work!

Studio Un said...

I like your cups Cathy: soft colours to match the weather :o)