Sunday, 1 November 2015


early morning

yesterday morning - early - I like to work very early if I can. No distractions. No phone bleeps, no calls, just me and Radio 3..... and a daylight bulb. Maybe my mind is clearer, less full of chatter and things to do. At 5.30am what else is there to do?

harlequin squash

harlequin squash - as squash are not just for Halloween, of course - I like these attractive edibles and will be 'overwintering' to make soup (they probably will become soup before winter).....

new postcard sized original works for you to see now - with my shop update coming this Wednesday. (I think the update time will be 2pm but will confirm soon).

three - still life

the still life you see in the top photo is this one: 'three' - mixed media on linen

ochre cups with blue

'ochre cups with blue' - mixed media on linen

dark blue tea bowl

'dark blue tea bowl' - mixed media on linen

If you are looking for my most recent embroidery - please do visit my writing blog nevering - where you can see a few examples of my latest stitch/writing works.... there will a small selection of these in my shop next Wednesday and this series is ongoing.


susan hemann said...

can hardly wait for Wed.

Norma Conway said...

Happy November dear Cathy! Your birth month! Me too. Thinking of you and love your work always as ever, N, x