Tuesday, 3 November 2015

new work for November

dark etched jug with red

'dark etched jug with red' - mixed media on linen

two for you today - looking at pairings, different backgrounds.... above has a rich interior feel

below is 'olive jug with little cup' - and the background suggests, perhaps, a landscape, a view from a window
olive jug and little cup

these will both be in my shop tomorrow - I'll be adding quite a large selection of new painted works and stitch work too. Then, in future weeks until Christmas, I'll be adding a smaller selection each week.

Photographing all the works has not been straightforward, working with differing light and sometimes dark days. I do use a natural light box to help out, and my aim has always been to accurately show the colour and detail. So I enjoy the challenge!

Meanwhile, if you would like to see a new piece of stitch work - also to be included in my shop update tomorrow - please take a look over at nevering, where you can see the piece and read more. Thanks always.

1 comment:

jo headington said...

I'm with you on the lighting problem and photographing the work accurately! But you always manage to do an excellent job Cathy.
Loving your still life series.