Thursday, 29 October 2015

November postcards

green tea mug with landscape

'green tea mug with landscape' - mixed media on linen

a coffee pot

'a coffee pot' - mixed media on linen

'tea pot on a shelf' - mixed media on brown card


'teabowl' - mixed media on linen

postcard-sized original artworks - these will be available to purchase in my shop next week, Wednesday 4th November.

Sizes: I have varied the sizing and so although most are about 14cm x 10cm - some are slightly smaller or larger. All works will be individually priced.

Thanks always.

1 comment:

jo headington said...

So lovely to see the linen surface coming through on these still lifes Cathy. And the palette is perfect for this time of year. No point putting any of them on my Christmas wish list as they will all disappear instantly from your shop!