Wednesday, 14 October 2015

new work

if magical things may happen

'if magical things may happen' - an embroidery brooch (miniature portrait)

There will be a small selection of embroidery in my shop today

Continuing on with my 'painted books series'

I have two books for today and here's a look at just some of the pages:

pages from 'endless days'

from 'endless days'

pages from: 'the morning room'

pages from: 'the morning room'

and more to see in my shop at 2pm today (UK time)

Please note: this will be my final October update. I'll be taking a little time off/ working quietly over the next few weeks. So my next planned update should be November 4th. From November I will aim to update weekly, on Wednesdays. Thanks always.

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susan hemann said...

your pins are lovely!

the picture book is wonderful!!