Wednesday, 21 October 2015

coming in November

postcard painting - (temporary frame)

a postcard-sized work placed temporarily in a vintage frame

Yes, I am pleased to let you know here that I am once again (for a second year) offering a special selection of postcard-sized works throughout November.

November Postcards starts November 4th - and I'll be adding additional postcard-sized works throughout November.

Last year I offered a variety of original small works: still life paintings, figure/abstract works too. This year I am once again considering the still life. However my focus will be very much about colour, shape and pattern.  There will also be special postcard-sized stitched text works (more on those next week).

still life (postcard size)

a postcard work

I am interested in pictures within pictures, composition and abstraction.... But yes more than anything colour! Over the past few years I have explored colour with more confidence. I'm fascinated by how colour works and how it may transform ideas.


My artworks are created to be enjoyed in homes, they are small-scale and often homely - I make no apology for making pictures I would want in my own home. I believe that even the most neutral and pared-down home interior needs a shot of colour, even if on a small scale..... As you may know I am very interested in ceramics and have a modest collection, so pots of all shapes and sizes feature in my work. I don't create compositions directly 'from life' - but look about my home and find ideas, perhaps the shape of a cup as a starting point...

Over the next few weeks I will be showing here a small selection of the larger selection....

Looking forward to sharing more.


susan hemann said...

how exciting Cathy! I have marked my calendar i love the blue and white cup

Cathy Cullis said...

Thank you Susan!