Tuesday, 1 September 2015

the white chair

the white chair

the white chair

acrylics on paper - a work in my series of 'figures on paper' - (and you will be able to see this one in my shop tomorrow).

I begin with layers and work into them, seeing things, making marks, finding figures. As with most of the other works in this ongoing series, 'the white chair' came about working with no fixed plan in mind. I discovered the shapes of the figures, almost but not quite greeting each other. Here you see something of a musical chairs game, or a game of chance or memory.... And the figures: one with dark skirt one with light, are somehow balancing each other?? But you may see other stories here.

Looking forward to showing you all the new paintings and embroidery in my shop tomorrow, 2pm UK time.

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susan hemann said...

I wonder what they are saying to each other about the one chair