Sunday, 6 September 2015

sketchbook Sunday

tiny book pages

I re-opened my latest tiny book the other day, after a break from working in any.... I have a fascination with pattern, especially patterns that have been worked and re-worked over many years, the patterns in textiles, rugs and carpets..... Finding images in magazines sparks my own small interpretations.

Just to prove it is a sunny weekend, here is our windowsill this morning - hello September sun:

More sketchbooks....

sketchbooks pages exploring layers - working in this way allows me to develop my layering ideas further, especially for my 'figures on paper' series

sketchbook pages with figures - I made this page earlier in the summer.... If you purchase any painting from my shop this month you will receive a mini-print featuring these pages with your order (included with orders I sent out last week - and if you purchase embroidery I of course send you a mini-print of an embroidery work....)

I hope to make time for more sketchbooks and tiny book pages over the coming weeks - it's an important aspect of my work, to always be exploring colour, texture and storytelling - and my starting point is always 'the page'.

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