Tuesday, 22 September 2015

new work

patterns and light

'patterns and light' - continuing with my figures on paper series. This work is acrylics on paper.

There are three new paintings in this series coming to my shop tomorrow. I'm showing two out of the three today!


'evening' - a few notes on this work: I worked quite abstractly until finding the figures, as is often the case. I've been looking at northern European expressionism recently - it's something I've looked at for many years, but I am particularly interested in the use of colour and abstraction of the figure. If you have seen my work before then it may not surprise you to know I am very interested in historical fashion and this series of figure paintings are a great opportunity for me to explore many influences coming from all kinds of places.  (Perhaps I'd rather like the bell-shaped jacket and striped skirt the central figure is wearing here). I am planning a trip to the V&A soon, to do further research: I love visiting there and have not been for a while.

As well as the paintings I also have a rather special embroidery portrait - almost completed after a very intense day of stitching. I hope to have this piece in my shop tomorrow, along with one or two other smaller embroidery pieces.

Update tomorrow 2pm (UK time).

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