Tuesday, 15 September 2015

new work

 lantern song

Lantern song - miniature embroidery artwork

another in my series of colour-and-season inspired smaller works. This piece began life as a figure that might have been walking in woods but all the tiny faces appeared and the patterns at her feet suggest a carpet or rug. As always this piece was stitched with no real plan in mind - I always work intuitively. I may sit down at my work table to create a certain sort of piece, but chances are something (or someone) else will appear.... And this I welcome, as I would never wish to make predicted pieces with predictable outcomes... I need to always feel a little unsure, as if starting out on a mystery.....

and into mystery.... If you have been following my work for several years (and I know many people have and thank you so much, sincerely), then you may remember my 'moonlit' series. These works were black with a little white stitched works, intricate and rather otherworldly. The series was inspired by the drawings of the late artist Madge Gill (I 'discovered' her work years ago and enjoy it still).

So now I am revisiting the moonlit series. You will see again black and white pieces, small in scale. Here is a moonlit brooch, measuring 6cm x 5cm - it is a larger brooch but a lovely size to wear. Or the piece could be displayed as an artwork.

a moonlit brooch
'moonlit brooch'

Below is another in my 'figures on paper' series. This painting is titled 'messengers'.

All three of these works - and more - will be in my shop tomorrow 7pm (UK time).



Judy--- said...

waiting for your shop to open .....
LOVE your work.

Cathy Cullis said...

Judy my shop is open: http://cathycullis.bigcartel.com
Many thanks

Judy--- said...

dang it.

thank you, cathy.
i kept going to the etsy shop.
now i know.
just LOVE the messenger series!