Tuesday, 29 September 2015

new work - painted books

a small group of handmade painted books

this is a new, ongoing series - I have, to begin, three books - they are each about 10cm tall, so quite small in scale. The pages are all painted. There are three 'views', or 6 painted sides. The books are designed to be small accessible ways into my paintings, and are rather like small sketchbooks. You may consider displaying in a frame or keeping as a book to be looked at occasionally.

Each book is titled, of course. Above is a view into 'the land we know is ours'. Below are pages from 'same day, other time'.

These books will be added to my shop tomorrow. I hope to also have a rather special embroidery piece completed and few other artworks perhaps..... (Update 2pm tomorrow).


jo headington said...

A lovely idea! They work so well alongside your embroidery work too Cathy.

anne corr said...

these work beautifully Cathy - I have admired your work a long time.