Wednesday, 9 September 2015

new series - poetry hearts

a new series of small poetry hearts

I'm working on a new series of smaller poetry hearts

The words stitched (using my sewing machine as a handwriting tool) are my own. In these small lines/verses I am exploring the act of writing poems, the elusive nature of poetry....

Of course I remember from years ago a writing tutor saying something like: often poets want to write about how difficult/wonderful writing poetry can be, but no one is really that interested, so avoid writing poems about writing poems.....

Ha, I am a little bit of rebel then for I am writing about poems.... above you see:

small poem
again I wonder
between the lines


softly in the light
a poem whispers
to itself

(all words my own 2015)


Artlark said...

Just lovely- from your wonderful stitched poems to the dangling threads and buttons.
Will we be seeing them in your shop next month?

PeregrineBlue said...

as always, your work speaks to me, reverberating like my own heart