Monday, 3 August 2015

mosaic Monday

mosaic Monday


1. upload, 2. 94p26, 3. Aug 1/15 #embroidery #embroideryart #broderie #dogday #cicada #toronto #ontario, 4. profile, 5. ©js_JSA_1522, 6. Regent's Canal, 7. simple, 8. St. Jerome (after Rubens), 9. garden, 10. huddleston night cup 2015 oil on linen 20.5x14 1500, 11. The Garden (view from back door)., 12. house / 1, 13. Untitled, 14. A Smile Of Light, 15. the rose coloured death, 16. precious pink, 17. 14/6, 2015, 18. Untitled, 19. Carving the "OVERLOOK" Woodcut Sky, 20. stairway, 21. Tending mislaid burdens, 22. DSC_0003 (2), 23. Untitled, 24. Detail of work in progress - "they searched for answers" 30 inch square oil on wood, 25. /^^^\, 26. THREE PLEASURES III, 27. 2/4, 28. woman standing, 29. I have picked wild flowers for you, in a crock of water, 30. 436

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Hello, a happy August Monday to you! It's been a strange start to the month here, with mist and cloudiness giving an almost autumnal feel. We still need some rain and it seems like we are lingering in a strange not-quite-summer mode. Oh well. I have been busy working on things for autumn and winter, so...... Many thanks always to the artists and photographers featured in this mosaic. As always I encourage you to follow links and see more.

As mentioned above, I've been busy designing and creating, sketching out ideas, exploring colours - all work that will contribute to my autumn-into-winter artworks. I am looking forward to sharing more with you here.

Look out of for a post later this week - I'll be giving a very sneaky peek at my new embroidery projects!

Take care and enjoy your week.

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