Thursday, 13 August 2015

Improvisations - stitch

Improvisations is a fairly new and ongoing project for me - this combines both my writing and visual work. Using my sewing machine as a handwriting tool, I 'hand write' an improvised text, finding words and phrases as I stitch along. I may have a starting phrase in mind but apart from that look at no other notes. A certain mood, or overlapping of ideas may take place. I write in fragmented phrases, with the approach of a poet but not expecting anything like a polished poem. The images I find to write about are things I think and write about quite a lot: nature, history, painting....

The process of stitching is a deeply intense one - I am using both my 'writing' mind and my skill as a machine embroidery stitch maker. But I do enjoy the challenge.

improvisation 1


The resulting pieces are like single pages 'torn' from a notebook but with the added qualities that using thread allows. I keep ends of threads loose and flowing, tangling together, just as my thoughts, ideas on words, the sound of phrases may emerge and come together.....

I aim to emulate my own handwriting, words linking together in their sudden flow and need for presence. With all the tangle and cryptic intrigue, I like the 'reverse' side of the work perhaps as much or more than the 'right'.


Improvisation 1

These pieces are part of an ongoing project and at this stage I am not concerning myself with 'the end' or what will happen to them. Possibly some kind of book project may come about, at least a few postcard prints of photographs. I shall continue you on and see how this evolves.

I am also working on my more traditional folk and story inspired embroidery pieces. I'll show more of these in the near future.

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Ingrid Duffy said...

Such inspiring work Cathy. Writing about your thought processes is so helpful.