Friday, 10 July 2015

still life continued

two paintings - bowl still lifes

bowl - (some meanings) - home, keeping, shelter, mother, womb, contained, resting, world, planet, earth, holding, circle, travel within, contemplation, open-ended, safe, timeless, hand, water, sky.....

two vessels

Continuing on with my still life painting, and exploring a heavier paint..... these are all painted using a more recent technique of layering up a lot of paint and working into it to achieve interesting texture and marks. I am looking to create strong contemplative images, timeless compositions with a 'simplicity' - and with areas of complexity within. The background is just as vital as the object described.

The support/surface I work on is cotton or linen on card - the card is heavy mount board. The paintings can be framed but I would also admit to displaying them 'as is' - for a more casual look.

There are so many possibilities and I feel these new paintings have offered me the opportunity to really get into the paint - quite literally with my fingers covered with it - and yet the finished paintings invite me to take a step back and find a quiet space within.

I hope you enjoy looking at these - I have a growing selection and will not preview everything here, so please do check my shop update next week, Wednesday at 2pm.