Thursday, 2 July 2015

new still life

bonsai dish with leafy herbs

bonsai dish with leafy herbs

These paintings embrace my more recent approach of using heavier paint, creating layers, mixing colour as I work, revealing new colours and texture. These paintings may appear 'simple' but are worked with great consideration and with a certain desire for little areas of complexity within the 'simplicity'. I build up layers of paint and work into them. Tone and shape need to work together, I am working toward a harmony.

green dish with small-leaved plant

green dish with small-leaved plant

What I am aiming toward is expressing how it is to see the plant, the feeling of it. When I sit in my own tiny garden I look at the plants growing there and note how some may change very rapidly whilst others take their own gentle time..... I note the light and shade on a stem and how leaves are not uniform....

fresh stems in a dark dish

fresh stems in a dark dish 

and I see the possibilities....


Enchanted Blue Planet said...

These jewelled gems leave me surprised, almost breathless as so much of your creations often do. Thank you for the gift you share, and for your explanations, Cathy. x

Rebekah Leigh said...

These 'simple' paintings are absolutely beautiful and I see so much depth within them. Thanks for sharing.

susan hemann said...

love them, your work is so wonderful!

Hedera said...

Lovely work Cathy :) Thank you so much for my recently received little zine and other wee treasures - they are just perfect.