Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Making Connections - upcoming show

Making Connections - 15th - 26th July Sun Pier Gallery, Chatham Kent.

Last year I was asked by ceramics artist Alison Swan if I might like to 'share connections' and participate in a group show. The idea behind the show is to find and explore connections between artists working in different media. Alison and I agreed that we do indeed share an interest in memory and storytelling. And so we began a correspondence, deciding on what to include. It was agreed that alongside the ceramic shoes Alison creates I would show a small selection of gouache portraits from my work last year, plus a selection of tiny books and sketchbooks - a chance to display a little of my eclectic book-based work.

The other artists featured in this group-curated show work with a variety of media. The group have worked in pairs to establish connections. Most of the group are local to each other, but Alison and I have worked 'long distance' on this project as of course I am in Surrey and she is in Kent.

Alison Swan's exquisite shoes may be the starting point for many stories and conversations. The shoes have a beauty of strength and suggestion of vulnerability: a gentle, quiet presence.

If you get the chance to visit this exhibition please do. Below are examples of ceramic shoes by Alison Swan.


Carolyn Saxby said...

Very best wishes to you all for a successful show ... wish I could get there to see

jo headington said...

How wonderful!
Yes - these shoes and your portraits make perfect connections!
I adore the characters you create. And these dainty, little shoes...
Wish I could explore the entire exhibition.
Congratulations Cathy!

Cathy Cullis said...

Thanks so much Carolyn and Jo - much appreciated - Cathyx