Sunday, 10 May 2015

tiny books

tiny book pages

 the conversation can be quite a detailed way of exploring imagery

tiny book
the conversation can be more abstract

tiny books - cover view

 The tiny books I work in are handmade, using fabric, paint, paper and thread. They vary in size but are all less than 10cm tall. Some are simply painted fabric covers with a single signature of pages within. I've also made a few more complex books with spines. I prefer the simpler books because they open easily to work on pages. I use sketchbook paper and then add layers of extra paper and collage so that the pages become heavier.

 tiny book

I'm always considering my personal response to looking at art history painting, especially portraits. I tend toward the playful but there can be layers of ideas. The pages are my way of exploring ideas of history, how people saw themselves in the past, how we look back on culture, how culture maintains certain ideas etc....

tiny book

What can I do but put something of myself in the frame, or on the page, and consider it against what has come before.....


Enchanted Blue Planet said...

just loving your sensibility in "conversation" with the past, Cathy, and how much more precious they seem in your little books.

Velma Bolyard said...

i love your final question, and the books are so nifty. really personal.

Susan McMahon said...

How beautiful they are!