Friday, 17 April 2015

still life

brown pot with violas 

still life - brown pot with violas

Over the Easter holiday period I gave myself something of a challenge - to paint a small series of more detailed still life studies. And so I worked on these small scale works, one at a time, quietly. They were an interesting and thoughtful departure for me, considering my recent painting has been more expressive and influenced by abstraction. In some ways these were an opportunity to consider a more considered, stylized way of looking that can be found in older art history painting. Though I am not sure I will always wish to paint in such a detailed, traditional way I certainly enjoyed the process and will return to this meditative approach from time to time, at least.

I've always been drawn toward daintier flowers, wild flowers or weeds. Maybe those Flower Fairy books I collected as a child has something to do with it! Now we are enjoying a sunny spring, inspiration has come easily. Perhaps as the months go by I will look again at what is growing in my neighbourhood and be inspired by the smaller blooms of summer. I can imagine pink clover, daisies, self-heal - and then of course seed heads - may all come into future paintings.

You can see the full selection next Wednesday, when I update my shop. But for now here is one more:

still life - blue cup with forget-me-nots

Please note: As from last month, I am not reserving any works ahead of my shop update. I will make sure to put a time of the update here. This means that as the update goes 'live' all the work is available. Once my shop is updated please get in touch to reserve an artwork and I will be happy to help, reserving for up to two weeks. (I will see how this new way of updating/reserving works out over the next few months.)


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Oh these are just lovely!

Jess said...

I see the calmness and stillness in this beautiful still life. What a lovely way to spend time, I feel very inspired. Thankyou Cathy.
Jess xx

Papillon said...

I love so much this series !

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Shelley Lane Kommers said...

these are so, so gorgeous and moody! i love them.