Tuesday, 21 April 2015

new work - thinking small

bird in hand 

a miniature portrait in stitch - 'bird in hand'

I've written here before about my interest in working small - making miniature scenes, creating images on a smaller scale, whether in stitch or paint, or other media. Today I'm showing you a few of my miniature-inspired new pieces.

The challenge to create a small, detailed scene is one artists and artisans have tackled for centuries, and yet it seems so often these tiny works are live in the shadows, overshadowed by the big, 'great' works that take up space in galleries and museums. There is indeed a pressure on contemporary artists to literally fill space, take up room, make it big, make an impact.

In some ways I would say that the smaller scale is more associated with female work. As someone interested in the work of anonymous makers of the past, I am fascinated by the idea that so many small creations have got lost over time, simply because they were not considered to be 'much', or because they were made my an amateur, though talented craftswoman or artisan. There's a lot to consider with the whole size thing! And I won't let this ramble on into an academic essay, but it's something I may write about more in the future.

In the past several weeks I've been considering how I enjoy painting on a small scale. So I have been working on an ongoing series of smaller portraits. I've of course worked on small paintings before now,  (including my postcard series last November). This time around I am working on linen (on card) and creating detailed yet expressive, evocative, textured paintings that have colours inspired by art history paintings of the past. Tomorrow, when I update my shop, I will share with you several - but for now here are two from this small portrait series:

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Jess said...

Tiny is precious, like a beautiful jewel. x