Monday, 6 April 2015

mosaic Monday

mosaic Monday aa

1. Giles sculpture, 2. Work in progress. Linen thread. #crochet #sculpture #art #linen, 3. What We Carry Inside, 4. 源平桃, 5. rådyr croquis1, 6. flessione12_m, 7. portret of a branch | portret van een tak, 8. Never Ever Too Old, 9. next3, 10. "De kunstenaar en haar collectie", 11. Untitled, 12. Apr 3/15, 13. tdl (stoneware), 14. Japan, 15. upload, 16. cherry blossoms, 17. E.B. in the Kitchen, cut in the BP Portrait 2015 final round., 18. Packaging.., 19. Untitled, 20. Caderno

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A Sunny Monday to you! It is a bank holiday here in the UK, and untypically we have had fine, mild weather. I have been tidying the garden (broke my fork, need a new spade and fork!), sowed some flower seeds... I've also had the inspiration to make a start on a few new paintings.

Thanks always to the artists and photographers featured in this week's mosaic. As always I encourage you to follow links and discover much more.

Have a good week ahead. I'll be a bit quiet here for just a little while longer, as I take a few days out to spend time with family. I am working on new ideas and quietly busying myself - so do expect to see new work shared here in the not too distant future! Hope you are able to enjoy some fine spring/autumn weather where you are.

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