Friday, 13 March 2015

a wide skirt - portrait in stitch

work in progress

day one - I've stitched the main figure portrait. Now I have some idea who I am working with. Her face and posture will tell me how to proceed. Always I am working with what the stitches are telling me. There is much more to do.

a wide skirt

 a wide skirt - portrait in stitch

several hours and many, many stitches later...... I have the completed work. The two small full length figures each side of the main portrait are there to raise a smile and to also emphasise the width of the skirt. You may know all about whalebone and basketry, worn by ladies of a certain status centuries ago. Whilst I do not attempt to reproduce historical costume exactly, it certainly has an influence on my work.

This piece is one of several to be available in my shop next Wednesday 18th March.

Have a good weekend.


Enchanted Blue Planet said...

Breathtaking, Cathy. I am so amazed by the grandeur you capture in such diminutive pieces. Just WONDERFUL!

Tina Gilmore said...

Heartmeltingly beautiful Cathy xx

Cathy Cullis said...

Thanks always Lorraine and Tina for your kind comments x