Friday, 13 February 2015

three figures

this week has been a dreary old few days and I've spent my time working quietly. I have not taken many photographs - the light has been a problem but we are due to have better sunlight next week, so fingers crossed. So I am sharing here a photo via Instagram, work in progress.... I liked this but decided to work on the painting a little further. I wanted to retain some of the spontaneity and texture of the paint/figures.

three figures
 three figures - acrylics on linen (on card)

I have a varied selection of work coming together, slowly. My next shop update will be next week, Friday 20th February.


Lynn Holland said...

Now is this story an intriguing one or is it saying something quite light.
Hmm ! I wonder.
I've got you on the reading list on my blog now Cathy, so I won't miss any postings 😄

Whimsical and Curious said...

I love this, looking forward to the shop update next week too