Monday, 16 February 2015

mosaic Monday

mosaic Monday

1. ·, 2. miniprint-019, 3. Nap time diaries. #wirewarp #weaving, 4. Il mio nome è nessuno, 5. SN200061, 6. expo122-w, 7. 災難之鳥The bird of disaster[Chinese literature:shan hai jing山海經], 8. Alison, 9. orchids-Mischief-Free, 10. Great Marlborough St, 11. An ensemble of Esthers, 12. river abstract 6 single band finit, 13. A selection of #antique #Japanese #fabrics I'll be working with #today., 14. Coffee + pepper, 15. leaf, 16. 05p57, 17. where inspiration comes from, 18. riffs (on a poem by Hafiz), 19. 08, 20. golden hour flowers, 21. mankind, 22. Minoan Snake Goddess, 23. expo123-w, 24. La Gare 60 x 70 cm oil on canvas (small size), 25. Eco printed cotton I have just turned into a pillow cover #ecodye #ecoprint #pattern #naturaldye #natural

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A happy Monday to you - it's a mild, overcast start to the week here. Every morning I look at a large pot of bulbs by our kitchen door - how they are slowly appearing and the sharp green emerging plants make me smile. We are halfway through February and looking forward to spring here. Above is a lively mosaic with spring and abstract pattern in mind. Thanks to all the artists/makers/photographers featured. Please follow links to discover more.

This week I am completing a few new artworks but mostly making decisions, photographing and writing up descriptions - all in preparation for my shop update this Friday. I'll be updating some time in the later afternoon. Expect to see a few 'sneak peeks' between now and then, perhaps. I promise colour, texture, stories.....

Have a good start to your week

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Lynn Holland said...

Colour, texture, stories what more can we ask for.... Look forward to it all